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 Performance Fitness

What is Performance Fitness?  It is using corrective exercise to improve the body’s posture and correct dysfunctional movement patterns to allow you to perform at your very best.  Whether your sport is golf, tennis, lacrosse, biking, running or working a demanding job, your body needs to be in postural balance. A balanced body will become strong in a way that is useful strength not wasted energy with holding a misaligned body in place while fault movement patterns are increase your risk of injury. These key areas will be assessed and a correct exercise program built on your body’s needs and your goals. A foundation (the Body) will be built to handle the demand of your sport. Once the foundation is complete a sports specific program will be built to improve your performance to the next level!

Your journey 

Your journey begins with an assessment of your current physical, emotional and mental state. 

Ronny will then design a corrective exercise program to not only address any pain you are experiencing but to focus on the underlying cause of these dysfunctions. The program will enable you to restore optimal health and vitality. 

Initially he will have you  complete a series of questionnaires. These can all be done via his website. After you have completed your questionnaires, he will review them and contact you to set-up a Comprehensive Postural Assessment. 

After your assessment, he will design a customised exercise program based on both your assessment and submitted questionnaires. Exercise programs generally consist of corrective stretches along with resistance & cardio training, depending on your goals. You will receive an easy-to-follow detailed description of your exercise program, including acute variables such as Rest, Tempo, Intensity, Duration, Repetitions and Sets. This information along with Video clips of each of your exercises is all available for you to view via my website.


All of our coaching service use performance fitness and have a 1-2-3-4 philosophy in common when helping our client regain their health, their fitness, and their LIFE.

Identifying One Dream- What are Your Goals and are your goals getting you closer to Your Dream

Balancing the Two Forces- Yin(Hydration -Sleep-Nutrition) and Yang(Breathing-Thinking-Movement)

Managing the Three Choices- Optimal, Sub Optimal, Indifferent

Listening to the Four Doctors- Dr. Quiet- (Rest, Spiritual development, YOU time); Dr. Diet- (Food choices, eating according to PPT, Quality water); Dr. Happiness- (Core values, Satisfaction, Growth); Dr. Movement – (Working out or in, Flexibility)

We hold our clients accountable and check their progress with strength gains, weight loss, body fat% and body measurements, and postural and movement testing every 4-6 weeks depending on sessions per week.


Our Private Coaching sessions are a One on One experience with one of our highly skilled coaching working with you and keep you accountable while you are working on your health and fitness goals. Your program will be build based on your goals, nutrition, postural analysis, and Functional Movement Screen.  As your comfort level grows with your coach, we will explore more mind, body, spirit connection that maybe holding you back from reaching your fullest potential. This sessions are 55 min. Request a free consolation. 

Semi Private

Our Semi- Private Coaching sessions are small groups of 4 or less working together to grow , support, and  provide additional accountable for each other on their own health and fitness journey.  Nutritional and Lifestyle coaching will be done during the group session. A Postural and Functional Movement Screen will be used to identify any dysfunctional movement patterns and exercises prescribed to correct and prevent injury. These are great for friends or families. This sessions are 55 min. Request a free consolation. 


Our Express Private Coaching are the same as our private coaching session just 30 min in length. Great for people short on time but can handle a short intense workout. These are great fat burning workout! Request a free consolation. 


This is our Endurance coaching program were our coaches build online programs with local and distant clients. We work to fine tune your nutrition, cardiovascular and strength training program, along with race strategies based on years of experience and latest research in endurance sports. Our coaches specialize in endurance sports like ultra running, endurance mountain biking, and adventure racing. Local or distance clients can schedule private or group skills coaching in adventure racing, running, mountain biking, and navigation.


Our 21 Day Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is a way to learn and create healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes that reduce stress and create wellbeing for a lifetime. Questionnaires will be used to determine your Primal Pattern Type which will provide us a starting point to fine tune your individualized nutritional program.

We will look at 6 key areas of your life to determine the different stresses being applied to your body. Recommendations to alleviate the bad stress to make room for the health good stress will be addressed.

This program has been proven to increased energy, strengthen the immune system, and promote weight loss.

This style of coaching can be done face to face or via phone or skype. This is six hours of nutrition and lifestyle coaching used to coach you on these new habits and hold you accountably to these healthy changes. These meeting or calls will be completed in 21day so these new habits can be formed.

This investment in your health is $449. Additional coaching is available if need. $40/30min; $75/60min

In the Advanced Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle package, is the basic package plus more questions that will allow us to look deeper in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body to help identify any areas that maybe stopping you from reaching your goals. 

This is a needed program if you are having recurring injuries, weight loss problems, or trouble sticking to a program or a relationship.

Like above, we analysis all areas of your life as a whole, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual at a deeper level, and design a program to create balance in your body that will achieve health, vitality, and fitness. “A health, balanced body is a powerful, mindful body.” 

This program will include twelve hours of one on one phone or in person meetings plus three hours of analysis and program design. If more time is needed to achieve optimal clarity, standard rates apply after the first 12 hours of one on one coaching.  This investment in life transformation coaching is $999.



Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body to promote health and well-being of the entire physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. Working with the body on a spiritual plain Reiki can be provided in person or in a distant healing.

Benefits of Reiki:

·         Stress Relief

·         Relaxation

·         Support Immune System

·         Pain Reduction

·         Increases bodies vibrational frequency

·         Supports other healing modalities


Clients are fully clothed during the Reiki session. Some clients sense warmth or heat coming from the practitioner’s hands. Most clients fall to sleep during the sessions, waking with a deep sense of calming and inner balance. View our different healing package here.

Outdoor Adventures

Natural Healing Hikes

Use the healing power of Mother Earth and Reiki to heal mental, emotional, and physical wounds. A warm and loving atmosphere will be created to bring about healing in the nurturing surroundings of the great outdoors. These are 2-3 miles of hiking with Group Reiki Healing. 

The Natural Healing Hikes will be a series of six 90 minutes healing hikes offered every Wednesdays from 9:30 am – 11:00 am. We will hike the trails on Mill Mountain and Chestnut Ridge Loop. We will meet at the parking area where Yellow Mountain Rd. goes under the Mill Mountain Spur Rd. We will keep the group size to 4-8 people for more of a personal healing experience.